Oakview Lodge and Marina is located in the township of Algonquin Highlands in Haliburton County, Ontario. The northeastern section of Algonquin Highlands encompasses a section of Algonquin Park. The township's population ia approximately 2,000, but it grows substantially larger during the prime summer months of July and August when tourists arrive and people return to their Haliburton cottages. The township was formed when Stanhope and Sherborne et al townships amalgamated in 2001 and includes the hamlets of Boshkung, Buttermilk Falls, Halls Lake, Little Hawk Lake, Maple Lake, Ox Narrows, Oxtongue Lake, half of the village of Carnarvon and half the village of Dorset.


Visitors have been coming to the Algonquin Highlands for more than 100 years. The Highlands of Algonquin has long been a favorite destination for cottage vacations, Ontario resort holidays, lakeside lodge stays, and wilderness escapes, due to its remarkable natural beauty and many clean clear lakes. Ontario's Algonquin Highlands received its name due to its close resemblance to the wild and rugged Scottish Highlands. One of the highest places in Canada, at its highest point Haliburton sits at 1,450 feet above sea level.


When the first Haliburton tourists came to the area, they stayed in tents and or rented rooms from year round residents. Many of the original Haliburton inns and lodges began as family homes that took in lodgers, giving them a room and meals as a way for the family to supplement their income. As transportation to the area improved, greater numbers of tourists began to arrive and more Haliburton lodges and inns began to appear that were more like resorts than rooming houses. It was about this time, in the 1940s, that Oakview Lodge was built.


Naturally, today's Oakview Lodge is a much different place than it was when it first opened its doors over 70 years ago. With lakeside dining, updated suites and modern amenities, it's a far cry from what guests were offered long ago. Still, the best parts of our historic old lodge remain the same to this day.  The stunning lakeside setting and spectacular vistas of Little Hawk Lake are as clean and clear as decades before.