Slow Travels in Southeast Asia with Two Fast Talkers

March 15th:

Sean Pennylegion and Tammy Rea, two of our favourite local and lovable personalities will take their time to share their adventures in Southeast Asia. Tammy Rea and David and their two boys, made the slow travel from Toronto to Haliburton, via 7 years in Asia. But slow does not always mean calm. Tammy will tell you tales from up and down the coast, including scuba diving the Washing Machine in the Philippines, cave rafting in New Zealand, swimming with sea lions, and driving the wrong way on a highway in China. But so is everyday life, with monkeys in your garbage cans and snakes in your mailbox, they learned how to not be a gweilo "White ghost" tourist in strange and wonderful lands.  Along with his wife Gwen, Sean has enjoyed 7 extended cycle-touring adventures over the course of the past 13 years. Each of these trips was "self directed, self contained and self propelled". Three of these 4 month excursions included Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Sean will describe, with the help of a number of photos he has taken, some of the things he and Gwen have seen and experienced on these trips. How did they do it? Did it hurt?

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